What is A Hosted PBX System?

MondoTalk’s Hosted PBX System Solution

Hosted PBX System (also known as Virtual PBX or Cloud PBX) stands for Public Branch eXchange. Your system will have all the benefits of a large-scale phone system without the cost or the need for in-house technical staff. MondoTalk and their experienced, well trained staff can help you with any issues or questions you may have with your system with their support centre.

It provides call routing services but without you or one of your staff having to handle the technical side because your Hosted PBX provider hosts the service for you. Hosted PBX systems are very helpful for small businesses needing the features of larger telephony systems without the cost.

All Hosted PBX systems are designed so that your business can gain all the latest features that larger companies have but at a fraction of the cost. Even features like touchtone menus, fax to email, messages on hold and call queues are a small number of the features available to you through a Hosted PBX system.

How to Start using The Hosted PBX System

If you want a world class phone system but don’t have the money or the staff to run it, talk to MondoTalk.