Hosted PBX: The Last Telephone System your Business Will Buy

Hosted PBX

Small businesses face unique challenges when it comes to phone systems. Often, you’re wanting to create a comparable impression as bigger businesses but with far less in the way of two key resources: staff and funds. Luckily, telephone systems for small businesses can be flexible in cost, growth opportunities and even where you can operate.

The latest in small business telephone systems is Hosted PBX. Simply put, this technology allows businesses to have sophisticated telephone systems without a large investment in telephone hardware. The best part is that you can use this system as a brand new system or with your existing telephone service. Your entire telephone system is operated and managed by your Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider. This means you can have access to features including automated greetings, touchtone menus, hold music and more. There are many benefits to switching your small business telephone system to a Hosted PBX system.


Hosted PBX - Cost efficiency

Hosted PBX can be run for a fraction of the monthly cost of a your traditional phone system, though, surprisingly, this isn’t always where small businesses save. There is much less in the way of complex infrastructure which means purchasing a hosted PBX system is not cost-prohibitive.  Hosted PBX systems also reduce the cost of repairs, downtime and hiring in-house staff or expensive consultants to maintain them as this is handled by your provider.

Features to Compete

In a normal situation, a small business telephone system may have one or a series of numbers that connect to your phones. With hosted PBX, you can have one number and a series of extension numbers accessible through a touchtone menu. These can be diverted to a phone at your office, your mobile, a home phone of one of your employees or even a message bank. The phone to which your extension diverts is easy to change meaning you can work from home, be on the road or work from your office all the while being contactable on the same number. If you are a seasonal business, the number of numbers and extensions can be changed easily and quickly, saving you money any you don’t use. Hosted PBX providers can customise a feature-packed solution for your business that is surprisingly affordable.


Hosted PBX - Reliability

Unfortunately for traditional phone systems, downtime is a reality; either because of service providers, busy IT consultants or in-house service delays. These are essentially eliminated with a hosted PBX. In one example, an American hosted PBX customer in Manhattan has been through 9/11, Hurricane Sandy and the blackout of 2008, but it never had its hosted solution stop working (Read it here). A hosted PBX system is very fast meaning there’s no lagging response times, delays or lapses in call quality. In addition, Internet-telephony systems are famous for their improved quality over that of traditional PSTN connections.

Hosted PBX are the future for small business telephone systems due to their low set-up and running costs, reliability and flexibility. They ensure that businesses are able to communicate efficiently without the outlay of an expensive new system or the upkeep usually associated.

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