About Us

Most great ideas come from a ‘frustration’ … One-time Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser once said…”Life wasn’t meant to be easy!” … In our case, our founder, then an IT manager in Western Australia, was wresting with hassles about his telephone system, thumping the desk and saying things like “Life wasn’t meant to be this difficult!”

So he set about finding ways to make it easy, knowing that in this high-tech world, at least you should be able to get the ‘phone company on the ‘phone when you need them … Maintenance needn’t be a big deal, costs for telecommunications shouldn’t be over-budget every quarter! And it could all work … seamlessly!

What we developed is a system that delivers:

• Excellent customer service (geek-free)
• Superior features and flexibility
• 100% Customised systems designs where needed
• Guaranteed significant cost reduction when moving to our recommended system.

It’s a clean ‘sweep-out’ of all the traditional telephone system frustrations!

On the home page there are a series of customer testimonials … they say a lot ‘about us’ that we’re rather proud of….(click here)