Cloud PBX

What is MondoTalk’s Cloud Based PBX?

cloud based pbxMondoTalk’s Cloud Based PBX system is a cost effective Cloud based PBX that will help small businesses like yours to directly compete with the giants in your industry. Our Cloud based PBX system will cater to all your telephony needs and with our no setup policy and low monthly fees even the smallest business can now afford a state of the art phone system that will help improve internal and external business communication.

What is the difference between the Cloud Based PBX and traditional PBX

Traditional PBX systems require a series of hardware to work and will often require routine maintenance at your expense to keep it up and running. These PBX systems are also limited in features and will often have recurring charges even for the most basic features like caller ID. MondoTalk’s Cloud based PBX systems on the other hand is a packed with amazing features at no additional cost. And since the system sits in the cloud maintenance is no longer at your expense and best of all ZERO downtime.

How does MondoTalk’s Cloud Based PBX work?

The concept of our Cloud based PBX system is relatively simple, instead of using a series of hardware and copper wires to run your phones, our system system uses the cloud and Internet. This simple yet effective mechanism results to significantly lower line rentals, lower call charges, better feature deployment and the ability to connect phones regardless of where you are as long as an Internet connection is available.

MondoTalk’s Cloud based PBX system is also a 100% customised solution. This means that you no longer need to adjust what your phones can do but rather your phones will adjust to what you need it do. Speak to one of our business consultants now and learn more how well we can customise a Cloud based PBX phone system for your business. Contact us today or request a call back.