MondoTalk – Announcement

First of all we would like to thank you for your continued patronage with MondoTalk’s services. In line with our never ending RnD and desire to provide all our customers with better service, we have recently made some updates on our system. This system is expected to provide you with better call quality, better My Account portal, and better overall experience.

Please read this announcement carefully. If you have any concerns please contact our support team using the details at the bottom of this page.

Logging in to the new portal

1) The  new My Account portal is accessible through or via the My Account section located at the top of

2) Your username and password will remain the same. However, if your password is shorter than 8 characters (7 and below) you need to affix @2015 in the end. For example if your password is 1234 your new password will be 1234@2015. Sorry for the inconvieniance but we have done this increase the security on the portal.

What’s New?

1) We have an improved recharge process, please refer to this guide: MondoTalk – Recharge Instructions

2) Call forwarding has also been improved to make it easier for you to use. Please refer to this guide: MondoTalk – Call Forwarding Instructions

Do I need to do anything?

Generally speaking no, all the settings and your current credits will be carried over to the new portal. However, it is highly advisable that you:

1) Try logging in to the new portal to see first hand what the changes are.

2) Double check your credit card info, call forward settings, alarm value balance, and account information.

Will there be any downtime during the migration?

No, there will be no downtime during the migration.

If you have any concerns or feedback, again please feel free to contact our support team on:

Hosted PBX: The Last Telephone System your Business Will Buy

Hosted PBX

Small businesses face unique challenges when it comes to phone systems. Often, you’re wanting to create a comparable impression as bigger businesses but with far less in the way of two key resources: staff and funds. Luckily, telephone systems for small businesses can be flexible in cost, growth opportunities and even where you can operate.

The latest in small business telephone systems is Hosted PBX. Simply put, this technology allows businesses to have sophisticated telephone systems without a large investment in telephone hardware. The best part is that you can use this system as a brand new system or with your existing telephone service. Your entire telephone system is operated and managed by your Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider. This means you can have access to features including automated greetings, touchtone menus, hold music and more. There are many benefits to switching your small business telephone system to a Hosted PBX system.

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How To Choose A VoIP Service Provider with Confidence

Choosing the right VoIP provider

Business telephone systems have completely transformed thanks to the new technology that allows calls via the internet – VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). It has revolutionised how much small to medium sized businesses can pay (and save!) as well as the features available to them and how they compete with larger businesses. Understandably, many businesses are now considering VoIP for their business telephone systems. Your business telephone system is an important aspect of your business and, as with any significant business decision, there are some considerations before choosing your VoIP service providers.

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What is VoIP? The Ultimate Guide for Dummies

What is VoIP - VoIP for Dummies

What Is VoIP?

You may have been hearing the term VoIP and wondering:
“Well, what is VoIP?”

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This simply means that your phone system is run via your internet connection as opposed to expensive phone lines. This new technology has meant that you can enjoy the best parts of having a phone system, streamlining your communications but without expensive copper wiring. Due to its benefits, its quickly becoming the future for businesses and consumers alike.

VoIP provides an inexpensive, cost-effective way for businesses to set up a phone system that can easily grow and change with their developing business. Often, a range of other features can be added for minimal cost due to the flexibility of VoIP systems.

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Perth based Telco, MondoTalk, are pleased to announce the launch of the first service of their much heralded new cloud platform MHQ code named “Verification Enhanced Reception Assistant” technology for home owners (VERA).

For more details on MHQ Project click here

VERA allows homeowners to easily configure their telephones to recognize the phone numbers of their friends, family and other trusted callers.

VERA uses self learning system to automatically detect marketing calls. These calls will be blocked and will not ring through to your phones.

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5 Ways to Evolve your Business with MondoTalk



Most customers – be they in business or as your end consumer – want to do business with an established, professional entity. Many businesses spend thousands on a website to give a good first impression, but what about when people call you? Often a land-line or, in the case of many sole-traders, a mobile number will be the first place your potential customers make contact. There a number of ways that you can make your business seem bigger, one of them being by renovating your phone system.

You can have an automated receptionist help your potential clients reach the appropriate place and concurrently let you or your staff know what they are after; be it sales, support, or invoicing. You can have these calls diverted to your sales team that may be out on the road on their mobiles and divert into the office if they are unavailable. If you are a sole trader, you can use this system to make your business appear more professional as well as larger.

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Overseas mobile rates ‘frankly obscene’

Finally an investigation into outrageous prices people pay when internationally roaming has been done. Here at MondoTalk we are happy to see such things are brought to peoples attention. The investigation shows that traditional telcos are marking up prices by as much as 1000%. The result of the investigation will hopefully mean that in a year from now people will see fairer prices. However in the mean time we are happy to offer you our low cost advanced international roaming solution, see our Follow Me video here. Here is a video of what Communications Minister Stephen Conroy and his New Zealand counterpart Amy Adams had to say: Obscene International Roaming.

MondoTalk’s Director in Print

One of MondoTalk’s Directors Enrico has been asked to contribute to, NIFNEX , a business newspaper this is hand delivered to over 10,000 businesses. In there Enrico lists the top 5 reasons how VoIP may help a business.

Top 5 tips to why businesses should look to use VoIP services.
1) Feature rich.
The MondoTalk Cloud PABX brings the power of software to the communications market.

2) Low setup cost.
The MondoTalk Cloud PABX or SIP Trunk services have a very low setup cost thanks to the minimizing upfront hardware purchases.

3) Flexibility.
The MondoTalk Cloud PABX marries telecommunications with cloud technologies to gives your business unprecedented flexibility in operations and phone presence.

4) Scalability.
The MondoTalk Cloud PABX and SIP Trunk services are able to scale as required. There is no longer the need to future plan for business growth, our services are designed to scale leaving you to run your business rather than worry having adequate infrastructure fro growth.

5) Low running cost.
MondoTalk Cloud PABX delivers business grade feature rich services that save companies an average of 50% on their current telecommunication costs.


New Business Website Launched

MondoTalk’s new business website has been launched. This exiting new website details how MondoTalk can help business owners with their telecommunication needs through smart Cloud PABX solutions and various VoIP services. MondoTalk would like to thank all the people who helped contribute to the new website.