MondoTalk’s Director in Print

One of MondoTalk’s Directors Enrico has been asked to contribute to, NIFNEX , a business newspaper this is hand delivered to over 10,000 businesses. In there Enrico lists the top 5 reasons how VoIP may help a business.

Top 5 tips to why businesses should look to use VoIP services.
1) Feature rich.
The MondoTalk Cloud PABX brings the power of software to the communications market.

2) Low setup cost.
The MondoTalk Cloud PABX or SIP Trunk services have a very low setup cost thanks to the minimizing upfront hardware purchases.

3) Flexibility.
The MondoTalk Cloud PABX marries telecommunications with cloud technologies to gives your business unprecedented flexibility in operations and phone presence.

4) Scalability.
The MondoTalk Cloud PABX and SIP Trunk services are able to scale as required. There is no longer the need to future plan for business growth, our services are designed to scale leaving you to run your business rather than worry having adequate infrastructure fro growth.

5) Low running cost.
MondoTalk Cloud PABX delivers business grade feature rich services that save companies an average of 50% on their current telecommunication costs.