Perth based Telco, MondoTalk, are pleased to announce the launch of the first service of their much heralded new cloud platform MHQ code named “Verification Enhanced Reception Assistant” technology for home owners (VERA).

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VERA allows homeowners to easily configure their telephones to recognize the phone numbers of their friends, family and other trusted callers.

VERA uses self learning system to automatically detect marketing calls. These calls will be blocked and will not ring through to your phones.

If a call is placed to a MondoTalk equipped home from a number that is not recognized by the system, then the call will be answered by VERA the Virtual Assistant in the first instance.

The caller will be asked by VERA to state their name and the reason for calling before placing the caller on hold with the message “I’ll just check to see if the homeowner is available to take your call”.

The telephone will then ring for the first time and the homeowner will hear a recorded message from the caller stating their name and the reason for calling.

The homeowner can then choose a number of options by simply pressing certain keys on their telephone. For example, by pressing number 1, the homeowner can take the call and by pressing number 2 they can reject the call. If a call is rejected the caller will be told by VERA that the homeowner is “not available at this time”.

The homeowner even has the option of rejecting the call and blocking that number from ringing again in the future.

Calls from people you have told VERA to recognize can be handled in many ways. VERA can do any combination of the following and more; decline the call, ring multiple phones or check the day and time to see if it’s a time you want to receive calls from that person.

Commenting on the launch of the VERA technology, MondoTalk Managing Director Enrico Gismondi said “ This is a really exciting development for MondoTalk and one that we have been working on for a very long time.”

“What we have done is finally make the true smart phone. We all talk about smart phones, but as far as their ability to handle calls, nothing has really changed for decades and I would not refer to their current abilities as smart. MHQ VERA finally makes your phone a smart phone, and best of all it works with any phone be it a “Smart Phone” or not”

“We expect to achieve really significant market penetration with VERA as we believe she fills a gap in the homeowner market.”

“Unwanted telemarketing callers for example will now be met at the virtual door by VERA and turned away as required.”

“Sure, I don’t expect this to be popular with telemarketers but I can tell you that we have homeowners lining up to embrace VERA. She is already a hit with our customer base.” Said Mr Gismondi

Other features of the VERA technology are as follows :

1)      Multi site phones can be programmed to ring at the same time – for example, the mobile and the holiday house phone can both be programmed to ring when the main phone at home rings.

2)      The home phone can be programmed to only ring between certain hours – ie between 9am and 8.30pm – VERA will take over outside those hours.

3)      Kids friends that phone the home phone can be automatically diverted to the kids mobile phones as the incoming number will be recognized.