MondoTalk Browser Phone

The MondoTalk browser phone is a free softphone that works from a web browser. This means that you no longer have install an application in your computer and instead just use your existing web browser. It is the simplest way of using the MondoTalk Cloud PBX.

Get these benefits with the MondoTalk Browser Phone

  • Reduce the setup cost of your customers by eliminating the need for IP phones.
  • Works on your web browser, so no need to download and install any application.
  • Work from anywhere you can access a web browser.
  • No need to provision extensions.
  • Makes deployment of the Cloud PBX service fast and easy.
  • Enjoy features like BLF, call transfer, voicemail and more.
  • Log in quickly using single sign on.

Want to start using the MondoTalk Browser Phone? Get in touch with our team:

Phone: 1300 887 863