SIP Trunk Systems For Business

Are You Paying Too Much for Your Phone System? Try our SIP Trunk System

Cut your phone bills in half and grow your business easily with MondoTalk’s SIP Trunk system.

SIP Trunk system can help you establish a cost-effective, quality system for your office that is chock-full of features. For this reason, many businesses are flocking to change their existing systems over to a SIP Trunk system.

What our SIP Trunk system can Offer You

Save Money

Line rental costs? Nope.

Long distance call charges? None of those.

Other expensive and redundant phone costs? Forget it!

SIP Trunk system offer impressive return on investment (ROI), often paying  for themselves within two to six months. This doesn’t  mean you miss out on all the snazzy features, either. SIP Trunks are completely customisable and evolve along with your business.

Business Grade Quality

The quality of SIP Trunk system is the same as traditional systems without the hassle. All of your handsets can stay right there on your desk without having to   worry about whether they will work with your new system.

Best of all your incoming and outgoing SIP Trunk system can be set up easily without a lot of techno-babble and you always have our support team to help you.

Coming & Going - No Hassle

TAre you looking to expand your business without spending a fortune?

With Incoming SIP Trunk system, you can take calls from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, America and other countries across the globe without paying annoying long distance rates.

You can also optimise the way your business does business. Outgoing SIP Trunks are designed to take outgoing calls…Unlimited outgoing calls.

Yup, unlimited outgoing SIP Trunk system calls at any one time at no extra charge. Now, doesn’t that make your job easier!

No Limit to Outgoing Calls

When you use outgoing SIP Trunk system, you can have as many outgoing calls as you like.  This means as you grow from a one-man operation all the way to hundreds of employees, you don’t need to change your SIP Trunk system and employees can all be on the phone at once at no extra charge. Kaching!

Keep Your Traditional Numbers

When you use this SIP Trunk system, you can keep the numbers you would normally use – easily transferred from your existing carrier. If your number is 9999 7777, you can use this number with us even if you are with another provider

All of your outgoing SIP Trunk calls can be “stamped” with an traditional number as well. This number can be altered depending on

  • Different departments
  • The state you’re doing business in
  • The country you’re doing business in

And the best part – you don’t even have to be in those places to use this number.

Not all service providers are created equal. MondoTalk is a reputable, international service provider of SIP Trunks and other Internet Telephony systems. Want to avoid phone system headaches? Look at what the MondoTalk Advantage can do for you.