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We offer excellent value for money without compromising on quality. Just look how we compare with our competition.

Items Us Others Details
No Contract Our customers stay with us because of the excellent service, not because we lock them into a contract.
All Features Included You get all our features included at no additional monthly cost*. For example with us you can have as many IVR menus as you like at no additional cost.
Unlimited Lines Why wait for a free line to make a call? With us there is no need to wait, you get as many lines as you like for making calls at no additional cost.
Turn Key Since when did you have to configure or program your own phone system? Our competitors seem to think it’s ok to give you a web interface and a manual and leave the rest up to you. Well we don’t, we know your time is important. So sit back and relax while your phone system is programmed and configured by our experts.
Custom Designed Our competitors offer a one size fits all solution. We know that’s not true, every business is different and we can custom program that difference for you.
Pay For Calls You Make Why pay more for a plan that includes calls when some of your phones are never or seldom used for calling out? You may not even need all the included calls especially if you consider seasonal quiet times for your business. With MondoTalk you only pay for the calls you make at our very low rates.
Global Coverage One of the greatest advantages of our Cloud PBX is that people can be located anywhere around the world, watch our video here. To make this work with business grade quality you need a provider with a global network you can rely on, this is a key difference that MondoTalk offers.
Professional Greetings and Recordings First impressions count. Do you think recording your phone systems messages with your telephone or the computer built in microphone is of adequate quality? We don’t! That’s why we record it for you or have one of our professional voice actors record it for you.

* List of some of our features is here. We wish we could include all features at no additional cost however some advanced features like fax2email, virtual conference room and cloud call recording use more of our cloud server’s resources so we have to charge a minimal fee for them.