The MondoTalk Advantage

As an experienced cloud PBX provider, MondoTalk can provide you with information and services that other providers can’t.

MondoTalk Provides:

Full Support

Imagine you, or one of your staff, having to set up an entire phone system on your own with only a dusty old manual to help. This is common practice with cloud PBX providers because these systems don’t need a traditional, on-site “installation”. We believe that doesn’t make setting up a cloud PBX system any easier and downtime can lead to less revenue and lowered morale for staff.

If you purchase your cloud PBX system through us, we can provide you with full support for set up and any questions you might have after.

Pre-Paid Services

We know how much your office financial guru gets upset with you when you ask to spend money on something so we have a solution for you:

We offer competitive, pre-paid solutions for your calls. With many service providers, a monthly rate can be expensive. A $40 monthly charge, for example, is reasonable unless you’re only making 100 calls a month. This works out to 40c a call. It’s not bad but it could be better. With MondoTalk, you can pre-pay $10 for 100 calls. At 10c a call even your financial guru will be happy!

Experience and Professionalism

MondoTalk is a global business with local knowledge. We have expertise and experience in delivering innovative and cost-effective systems for a range of clients. Ma and Pa stores to corporate go-getters have found customised, professional service and expertise. Call us today to see how we can help build your business.