What is A Virtual PBX System?

Virtual PBX System Overview

Virtual PBX system also known as cloud PBX is a hosted Private Branch Exchange that offers businesses a cost effective solution that delivers high grade voice calls, innovative features, flexibility and control over their phone system. Given that the virtual PBX system is hosted or exist in the cloud businesses need not need to shed top dollar anymore to acquire a reliable phone system.

Flexibility of a Virtual PBX System

Apart from the legendary custom programmed features and increment additions of lines and extensions A virtual PBX system also offers you a choice of what input and output device that works best for your business.

IP Phones

Typically IP phones are similar to a regular handset in appearance with just the additional buttons and a LCD display but functions completely different, it operates using a firmware allowing your service provider to configure it to their network and work with a virtual PBX system. IP phones are well known for the versatility and convenience as the features are readily available with a touch of a button.

Soft Phones

Soft phones on the other hand is a computer based software that enables you to make and receive phones call through your computer using a headset. It is fairly known for the very low set up cost and at times you can acquire a good software for your virtual PBX system for FREE.


ATA or Analog Telephone Adapter is a device used to connect a regular analog phone to a VoIP service such as a virtual PBX system. The ATA converts analog signals or data to digital form allowing it to be transmitted over the internet.