Why A Virtual PBX System

Virtual PBX systems offer a large number of features that can be included in your MondoTalk package. Below are a few of our features;


Have offices all over the world? Then this is the feature for you! Multi-location business phone system allows all your offices to work beautifully together as one. Want every office to ring when a customer calls? Or perhaps certain offices to ring depending on the time of day? Communication between your global offices is also incredibly simple and affordable! Transfer calls between offices using extensions for FREE! For example, if a customer calls your office in Australia, it’ll cost you nothing to forward their call to an extension number in India. Only with MondoTalk’s Multi-location business phone system


Want to operate multiple businesses through the one system? This feature makes it oh-so-simple to professionally and efficiently do just that. When a customer call comes through, you’re given advance notice as to what/which company they have called. This can occur a few ways – either the company name appears on your phone screen, the ring-tone can be customised or, when you answer the phone, you’re automatically told in advance what company the call is for (in conjunction with additional helpful options). Sound easy? It is! Talk to us now about customising this fantastic feature for your unique set of businesses.

Automated Receptionst

Professionally greet calling customers with a personalised welcome message! This menu also consists of tailored voice prompts for access to submenus, helping your caller to reach the right person quickly, while also helping small businesses to appear much bigger!

To get started, simply set aside 15 minutes to discuss how you want to greet and communicate with your customers. Don’t worry if you’re not 100% sure what to say – our experts will guide you through the process to ensure you achieve a great result. You also have the option of recording your own messages in accordance with our specifications.

As a committed partner, we will program and configure the entire system, plus provide ongoing monitoring to ensure system quality and reliability beyond the initial set-up phase.

Messages on-hold

Rarely do you have a more captive audience than when a customer is on hold. Take advantage of this time to let your customers know more about your business, as well as special offers and services. At the end of the day, it’s all about adding value to every crucial customer connection.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Got customers or staff overseas? Or looking to expand? Don’t force your customers and clients to tackle an international phone number just to reach you!

‘Virtual phone numbers’ is a simple way for your company to have an affordable local telephone number in over 50 countries! These multiple numbers all connect directly to your Cloud PABX (Private Branch Exchange), and the caller only pays the cost of a local call. Importantly, these numbers look and operate EXACTLY the same as a traditional phone number, meaning your customers simply dial the number on their usual landline or mobile/cell phone.

Give your business a local presence on an international scale with global numbers by MondoTalk.

Virtual PBX Menu System

Connect your customers straight to the person they need to talk to with the Cloud PABX menu feature. Cloud PABX menus are verbal directories tailored to your unique business structure.

When your customers call, they are greeted with the primary welcome menu (Level 1). This level then extends to the subcategory menus and levels of your choice. The following is an example of a 3-level Cloud PABX menu.

The arrows represent access to three sub menus. Each sub menu directs your caller quickly and easily to extension departments, individuals and categories, which can be located anywhere in the world! So convenient plus so affordable! Did we mention calls between any extension located anywhere in the world are free?

Recorded Help Messages

As the name suggests, this feature refers to a recorded step-by-step information guide that is easily programmed on your Cloud PABX. Customers who call seeking help can be instructed through the necessary procedure, leaving your staff free to complete other work. Recorded help messages can cover absolutely anything, from research and FAQ’s to simple technical repairs.

Ring Group and Hunt Group

Did you know that a sequential order can be programmed into your call queue or “Hunt Group” that makes available the next free person in your list of customer service representatives? The “Ring Group” provides for a programmed sequence, making sure that your important customer call is connected to the next available extension.