The MondoTalk VoIP PBX also known as cloud PBX has a very simple yet sophisticated concept that is guaranteed to bring you sizeable savings reaching as much as 90% on your telecommunication expenditure.

VoIP PBX is an easy to understand and employ VoIP service, etymologically cloud means the internet and any service tendered through it and PBX or private branch exchange means a telephone system within a confined enterprise.

Basically here’s how a VoIP PBX works through its sub levels.


Unlike conventional phone systems that require businesses like yours to spend money on expensive hardware, annual routine maintenance and highly priced upgrades, VoIP PBX systems can eliminate all these expenditures, we will simply provide you with an IP Phone engineered to work with precision over a voice grade internet connection. Instead of having a one-size-fits-all system we will be glad to customize our system to appropriately suit your every need and assist you in growing your business exponentially.

Contact us today and find out how companies just like yours are saving up to 90% on their telecommunications expenditures.

The VoIP PBX is a custom designed SIP hosted virtual phone system. By having your VoIP PBX system in the cloud you are able to use its hosted cloud nature to access and maximize it from anywhere you connect to the cloud or Internet.

VoIP PBX Key points:

  • VoIP PBX is a Hosted Cloud Virtual Phone system using the SIP standard.
  • SIP is a VoIP standard used by our VoIP PBX.
  • VoIP PBX extensions can be located anywhere around the world.